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Mwembeladu V Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Mysty Morning Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Shurwin Princess Ally

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Heathclif Of Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

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Breeder Pamela Heath
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What is Shurwin Bengals

We are a small cattery in Mid-Michigan using the best bloodlines in the country. Breeding both show and companion kittens.  All our kittens from parents that are imported from around the world. Shurwin does not offer outside stud service. Find us on Facebook.

The kittens will leave around ten to twelve weeks old. We do not sell pet kittens as pets have faults and are not up to the TICA standard or are kittens that look like a common house cat but with spots. We breed the highest quality kittens possible. We sell companion kittens which means they can't be bred. Asian Leopard cats are yellow in color in the Southern Region and gray in the norther Region. They also may be be a Tawney color.

I most of the time we stick with the original representative of the breed, but not exclusive. After all, you don't see a silver or seal lynx point running through the jungle. Many cats have been added from various breeds to the gene pool in order to produce these colors. We do strive to keep the true beauty of the magnificent wild looking leopard. It is a struggle to produce these cats from SBT cats when no type has ever been establish from early breeding and so many out cross cats in the pedigrees.

All kittens are current on vaccines and come with a written health guarantee. I am happy to ship kittens within the continental US, or outside of the Country. I have never had a problem with shipping. They always have arrived in the best of condition. All adults are CFA and TICA® registered and at this time our kittens will come with TICA® registration papers.


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