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Kittens free of genetic faults. The awesome and sought after white bellies. Those huge nautical eyes. Pattern and colors along with glittered coats

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Mwembeladu V Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Mysty Morning Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Shurwin Princess Ally

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

Heathclif Of Shurwin

Registered with TICA - The International Cat Association

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Breeder Pamela Heath
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About Pam Heath


I took a break to serve my country for eleven years. Upon returning home my dream was to breed top quality Bengal Cats. I have raised and showed Persians for many years. An animal lover I raised and showed many breeds.

Animals are my passion. I strive for top quality in what ever I am breeding. Breeding with determination to produce a Shur Winner. That is how I came up with Shurwin Bengals.
Personality and health are a priority when breeding. You want to produce an animal with no genetic faults and they must have personality plus. I'm a standing member of three cat associations.  I have been with CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) since September 1993 and reside on the breed committee. I've been a member of TICA® (The International Cat Association®) since 2010.  And recently joined TCA (The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.) were you will find printed publications submitted by myself on genetics the find art of breeding.

My expertise comes from many years of working with veterinarians. Below are some of my studies:

Pamela R. Heath: owner of R.P.M. Bulldogs, Von Ryan Rottweilers. Extensive research in genetics. Breeding, hereditary factors from parenting genes.
Pamela R. Heath: Research in Horses, dogs, cats of various breeds. Studying medicine in Michigan while apprentice under one of the most top veterinarians in Michigan.
Pamela R. Heath: Applying the use of non FDA regulated medicines on the market with great success both in and out of the country.
Pamela R. Heath: Advisory council to breeders around the country managing there programs for successful offspring production.

Taking this information from many years I have now applied my knowledge toward breeding and showing top quality Bengal Cats.

Now that I have acquired my breeding stock the challenge begins to produce some of the most outstanding Bengals in the History of the breed. Some of the things I will be striving for are as follows:

Kittens free of genetic  faults


The awesome and sought after white bellies

Those huge nautical eyes

Pattern and colors along with glittered coats

Why a Bengal? There the perfect cat for children as there active and playful. They love to fetch sticks and can entertain a child for hours. There very intelligent and can be taught many tricks. They can even be walked on a leash. There just an good companion.

They can bring so much joy into your life with there silly antics.

There also the perfect cat for adults as I spend hours watching them play and have fun. Wondering what silly thing they will do next. They will sleep on your bed with you and even take a shower with you. What a perfect companion to have. You can take them to the cat shows where you meet breeders from all over the country and many good friends for years to come to share stories of your travels and experiences with the Bengal cat.

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